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Groovy Clairol Ad From 1969

Have you tried hair products only to end up drab, brassy, or washed-out? This vintage Clairol ad for Born Blonde from 1969 is for
girls like you – who stop at nothing!

Clairol ad from 1969
Vintage Clairol ad for Born Blonde from 1969

Some people think that if you’re under 20 you’re not ready for the real thing. So they come up with “gentle” products for tender little you.

The problem is, a lot of the stuff just doesn’t work.

For example, perhaps you tried one of the timid formulas that promised you’d end up as a blonde. And you ended up drab, or brassy, or washed-out.
Or, worst of all, practically where you started.

Well, if you’re going to do it, do it. With Clairol’s Born Blonde.

Born Blonde happens in two steps. First you lift the darkness out of your hair with Born Blonde lightener. (It stands to reason that you can’t make
hair lighter just by adding color, doesn’t it?) Then, when your hair’s really pale, you shampoo in Born Blonde toner in the exact shade you want. (There
are 12 of them. All great.)

Because Born Blonde toner is the only one without even one drop of peroxide and with lots of built-in conditioners, your hair feels like hair.

And looks like–well, like you were born a blonde.

Born Blonde isn’t for girls who stop before they’re really exciting. It’s for girls like you – who stop at nothing.